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Mocha Babe Rhianna Ryan


Thinking bout opening a bar nearby when all of a sudden breathtaking mocha flavored honey Rhianna Ryan starts approachin me applying for a waitressing job. Well the bar aint open for business yet but I’m hopin her business is open for my big black cock! We started flirtin a little bit and nice-looking soon we were cozying up in a couch. Rhianna starts takin off her bra showin off her molata scoops with large brown nipples just waitin to get sucked! She grabbed my hidden weapon on my crotch and kneeled down on the floor and pulled down my panties and sucked the black off my dick! Rhianna Ryan then lay down on the couch and spreads it wide as I thrusts my big choco cock deep down her juicy black hole! Now that is what I call service! DOWNLOAD the full movie ONLY at


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Shy No More for Black Monster Balls – Shy Stone


My hommie was macking on hawt black honeys again down the street. I heard he had pornstar Shy Stone chilling in his ride. I grabbed my camera and ran to hook up with the 2. She looked fantastic in a tender little red suit that hugged every curve of her body. Shy lifted her costume and gave me a peek of her delicate black coochie. My hommie winked then asked Shy Stone if she wanted to head back to the studio for a little fucky fucky times. Of course she was down. Once there, she was spread her legs and rubbed her pussy nice and slow. Lickin her lips asking for her mouth to be filled with massive black cock. How could by buddy say no? He walked over dropped his pants and Shy Stone sucked the black off his cock. Come DOWNLOAD the full freak fest ONLY at!


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Codi Bryant is a Black Knob Fan!


I hooked up with Codi Bryant on a social networking site. It seems like Codi here is a large fan of mine and had watched me and my big black dick in action on the website and wanted to sample my dude meat! Well lucky for her she’s one might admirable piece of black ass and I could not wait to get freaky with her! She suggested we do a scene together so I called the crew and headed to the studio. Once we were there I was out there motorboating he big black love milk cans as she grabbed a hold of my crotch and went down on her knees and play the big black skin flute! Watch me score with black honey Codi Bryant ONLY at!


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Tiffany Carter Goes Balls Deep


Miniature was off somewhere in Jamaica and this man left me in charge of hunting down black vagina. My boys said me about this hang that attracts tons of sexy black hotties. Doubtful but curious I grabbed my boys and rolled out. When we arrived I ran smack into a tasty black treat named Tiffany Carter. She was a broke college student hard up for some dough. I offered her a nifty grand to come back to the studio and fuck me on film. Being the slut we knew Miss Tiffany Carter was she agreed. Once back I tore off her clothes and began rubbing her perky mambos and black pussy. My giant cocoa meat stick was limber no more. She blew my dick whistle and rode me like inexperienced. DOWNLOAD the full movie of Tiffany Carter ONLY at!


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Black Vagina for Sale – Janea Jolie


See, Miniature was having this little project and sent us to hunt down pretty black babes. The whole gang and I grabbed a bite first before we searched the streets for some black vagina. Once we were out in the parking lot a hawt coed rushed straight to usand offered her magazines. We chatted for a bit. Seems Janea Jolie was workin her ass off but not earning enough cash to cover her dorm room. I asked what this woman was ready to do for some dough. Without an answer I offered up a suggestion. Come back to Tiny’s place and fuck my massive black cock on film for a couple grand. Janea Jolie accepted my offer, stripped her clothes and filled her lips with a big black meat. See what happens next when you DOWNLOAD the full video ONLY at


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Black Slit Creamed – Eunique Styles


Eunique Styles, what a name. I spotted her just chilling outside. She seemed a bit down so what better way to cheer up any hottie then cold hard cash. I offered her a few hundred bucks to come back and fuck me on film. I had such a taste for black slit and luckily Eunique said why the fuck not. Once back I tore off her lingerie, ate her black pussy until she was moist and willing for a deep dicking! DOWNLOAD out the full video ONLY at


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Alana Plays with Big Black Dick


Alana Play stepped in the studio wearing a boobie hugging top and jean skirt. This babe crawled towards the bed right off the bat. Dropped to all fours and teased me with her black slit, massive tits and sexy ass. It was not long before I felt my cock grew. I instantly dropped my panties and gently squeezed it between her luscious lips. Alana Play sucked everything even my balls. Man, she is got killer oral skills! I pulled out before I could explode and slipped it back in her slit. It took me minutes to fully rip her delicate black pussy and cover her face with cum. DOWNLOAD the full movie of Alana Play ONLY at!



Ghetto Legal age teenager on the Loose – Sharmika


Sharmika look busted when she came by the studio. Naughty doo rag on, baggy sweat pants and butt sneakers. Just like the rest she is got some tude kickin and was a bit delusional. Sharmika insisted she was super worthy. More like super skanky! Julius was about to give her the boot when Sharmika begged for one more chance. Teenie went in the back room for a complete pimp overhaul. Once back, my homie just stood there with his jaw dropped down. She got ass for days! Knowing it Sharmika bent over and shook her money maker. My homie got hard instantly. He bent that booty over and stuck her black vagina full of his giant meat stick. Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE video ONLY at


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Aliyah’s First BIG Knob!


Aliyah was a bit of a shy angel. She was not like the typical black teens I’ve been with. Unbelievable. It was a bit awkward to deal with a cutie like her. This babe was soft spoken but too darn cute. I asked her to show me her black twat. Aliyah was hesitant at first but she finally slid her panties down. There was her delicate 18 year old cunt near my face. I asked her if she ever did a big black penis before. She said that the biggest she had was 8 inches. That was so diminutive!!! I told her to better get willing for my jackhammer. Aliyah giggled, smothered me with her tiny love zeppelins and sweet pussy. We got comfortable on the couch as I plugged my huge black cock down her black teen vagina. DOWNLOAD the blackon black full video ONLY at



Brooklyn Carter Gets Laid after Getting Laid Off!


Another day another opportunity to score some black slit but first coffee. We rolled up to our favorite shop and there she was. Brooklyn Carter. She wore a very revealing top which showed off her massive natural melons. Seems Brooklyn received her walking papers from the Dave’s discount store. Gorgeous bummed and dreading the endless unemployment line we offered her a way to earn quick cash plus put a smile on her face. Brooklyn agreed to take chance and came with us back to the studio. Walked in the door, she dropped to her knees to deep throat the monster black meat. Up and down she bobbed until his ramrod stiff and ready for some black cunt pounding. Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE video ONLY at!


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